Starting off

Hi Everyone,

Brian Kwong with Black Phoenix Productions here. Many years ago, as I was preparing to graduate from high school, I had a plan to create a group that would consistently push out high quality content on YouTube. My dream as an eager 18 year old was to bring TV and Cinema level production to YouTube to create what I believe to be the next generation. With that in mind, I decided that our first project should be nothing short from a feature-length movie.

A few years have passed since then, and my philosophy is still the same. I believe that Black Phoenix Productions should be a pioneer into a more serious and devoted platform, but with the limitations of being a completely independent group with no sponsorship and no budget, we will have to start simpler.

Please join us in the coming months as we build ourselves individually and as a brand, so that we can bring the high quality content that my team and I believe should be the next step in YouTube content.